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Automarket Dnipro. Where is the. How much is. How to sell a car from the car market. Help in selling cars. No commission. Useful knowledge for beginners.

The car market Dnepropetrovsk for the sale of cars in Dnepropetrovsk is located at ul. Alexandra Otsupa.

Officially, the car market is open on Saturday, Sunday from 8:00 to 16:00.

Also on the territory of the autobazaar are MREO. And, if you are going to buy a car, there is a service station.

And now for those who are going to the car market for the first time and want to take a chance, we’ll tell you a few tips and lifehacks. We will not ship you any cases, we will tell only how everything should happen. The result is not guaranteed and, in principle, we do not recommend such a scam as a car market. Why? It’s simple, because in 17 years of practice, the percentage of cars sold in the car market is only 0.3%. It was only a chance or luck, as you like. “Once a year and a stick shoots.” But systemically it does not work.

Well, for those who think: “But I’ll have it all” (by the way, we are also like that), we’ll tell you, but what if it really is the day when the stick will shoot.

Often, 85% of sellers go to 5: 00-6: 00 in the morning, with the thought: “I will be the first”, well, or in the top ten.

The queue, the crush, outbid to the window: “Listen, yes, don’t go there, I’ll take it,” here are the realities of the car dealership. In order to avoid all this, we are going to the market on Friday at 19: 00-20: 30, calmly driving in, outbidding will knock on the windows, but much less and mostly those who brought their cars or ask the “newcomer in the auto business” about its price . We choose our place and the next morning we calmly arrive without any fuss or hassle.

Before a trip, we recommend you to call us or fill out an application on the website in order to know the value of your car and not get caught on cheap offers of outbursts at the entrance to the car market.

At 6 in the morning there is no sense to go, it is better to sleep, because at such a time on the market only outbid. Basically, “buyers” are catching up to 9-10, or even to 10-11, so we are boldly going for 9-10 hours. If you are afraid to miss your early customer, leave a form under the glass. In it, write down all the characteristics of the car: brand, model, year, motor, as well as the phone and its price, a brief description and the advantages of your car among the others on the market. By the way, this form should be prepared in advance and several copies. If you want, for example, to sell a car for $ 19800, and on the car market two of the same cars are sold for $ 16,000, you should change the form with a lower price. And then two days of “fun.”

In conclusion, we wish you good luck in this difficult matter of selling cars in the auto market. And if you still want to sell cars with comfort, positive emotions and as soon as possible, then our number is written below.


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