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Sell a car

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How profitable to sell a car and how much does it cost?

I want to sell the car, and to whom to sell the car?

Sell ​​a used car? You can contact us at Autovykup.dp.ua. Time 15 minutes, costs 0 UAH, since we take it all on ourselves. We do not seek a one-time deal. We work to ensure that our clients contact us regularly.

Below is an article about how the average sale of cars, from the beginning to the conclusion of the transaction and how much it costs. So let’s start from the beginning, break it down into paragraphs, and then indicate their cost.

After making a decision, the first stage follows – this is auto preparation.

You need to check for arrests on the owner and the car, this operation costs from free of charge (if you agree with the notary to check the bases) to 200-400 UAH.

Put in order the car, this item is divided into two main ones: technical condition and appearance. At first we will not focus, because the price will depend on how the owner watched the car. From the advice we can say one thing, of course, it is necessary to correct all large and significant defects and faults. But the “consumables”, such as oil, brake discs and various gum, bushings and seals – not critical. This can be corrected after showing the car for a hundred new owners, or divide them in half and give your part to the cost of the car or leave everything to the new owner. But after seeing the drips of oil, the faulty box, the bent levers and stuff like that – 99.9% of the buyers leave. The cost of this stage is from $ 200 to infinity, it all depends on how you exploited the car and what was the care before the sale.

But the appearance needs to be corrected necessarily, for the smallest reason, after seeing the defects in the photo, people simply do not call, we all want to buy the coolest car on the Internet, at the lowest price, but not as crumpled and scratched, beaten by hail. The price of this item also varies from the state of the car to the sale.

What you should pay special attention to:

– Parts of a car requiring painting and replacement (reasons: dents, scratches, corrosion, chips) after all agree, you would not buy a crumpled car. The cost of painting one car parts from 2000 UAH. But do not rush to paint the parts, as painted parts reduce the cost of the car.

– Here you will come to the rescue of such service as pulling out dents, if the details are not beautiful and dents without damaging the paintwork. The cost of such services from 40 UAH, for a dent from hail, to the cost of painting a car part.

– Rubber, then what all buyers pay attention to. Price depends on your car.

– In the presence of defects on the windshield replacement cost varies from $ 100.

– The final point of preparing your car for sale: “complex” or dry-polishing. Cost is from 1700 UAH to 3000 UAH.

Now stage number two. Your car is ready, all defects and flaws are eliminated (or almost all) and your car has become presentable and ready for sale. Sell ​​car sites.

Now we are starting to set up a car on the Internet (here are examples of working methods of sale that are available for the average user, and not a sticker on the glass), make cool photos of the car, write a detailed description.

On such services as Autoria, when registering a new mobile number, they give three free publications (“But this is it,” as they say now). Minimum working version, for a week – 50 UAH publication + one TOP 7 UAH, at least so that you were noticed and there were calls you need 25 TOPs + life hacking two publications per week – 2 * 50 UAH, this will help to be higher and not to distort your purchased top. Total 325 UAH one week.

On the PCT, publication is free, places are bought with packages, again, the minimum working version is 350 UAH, the package is available for two weeks. Total 175 UAH one week.

OLX – publication for free, type “TOP” is 70 UAH.

There is still a car market, in Dnepropetrovsk and the region, this site works poorly, as it is oriented for the Kiev region.

Summarizing, the portals are placed in quality from large to small, everything works. We presented the minimum working version. Many spend more on selling one car, buying more tops and more expensive packages. On average, using all the portals the cost of one week of accommodation is about 570 UAH.

On average, the sale of one car takes 6 weeks. Not without that, they can buy it in the first, and maybe even for 10. 6 weeks – this is the average statistics for the last year, it is connected with the new customs clearance laws.

And when you find a buyer, the third stage begins – reissue. All we will not paint, only that concerns the seller. Removing the car from the register officially at the checkout 400 UAH (accelerated 900 UAH), the contract of sale of 1200 UAH (it is usually paid in half).

In total, selling a car yourself costs from UAH 15,850. And we have not yet taken into account the cost of gasoline for empty shows of the car and your nerves, to answers by phone.

Sell a car expensive with Autovykup.dp.ua call or fill out an application on the site.


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