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Buy a car from corporate clients

In addition to the main business of buying cars, our company offers related qualified services. It is possible to order cheap exit diagnostics of vehicles from us.

We provide detailed advice and take on the documentation of transactions. We work absolutely honestly and transparently, observing not only legislation, but also moral human norms.


Selling cars of our company:

We will meet with you at any convenient time, anywhere.

  Our employees themselves will prepare all the necessary documents.

Prepare the necessary documents for the transaction, remove the car from the register.

 Buying a used car by specialists of our company is carried out as quickly as possible – as a rule, the whole procedure takes up to 2 hours.

Money is given to you immediately, there are no hidden additional fees.

  We know how to urgently buy a car professionally and are ready to make concessions and dialogue in the event of a dispute.

Self selling car:

You have to spend your own time and money to prepare (additions, repairs after an accident, etc.).

Spend time placing your ads and keep them updated.

The machine is repeatedly shown to different people, which may not be safe.

You have to constantly maintain the appearance.

Spend a lot of time on deregistration and registration of various documents.

In general, spend a lot of time on all activities related to the preparation for the sale.


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