Buy a car from legal entities

Buy a car from corporate clients carries out urgent purchase of cars (both new and used) and car fleets from enterprises in the Dnieper and Kiev, as well as from legal entities.


Over 18 years of work in the automotive business, we have won the trust of dozens of corporate clients and hundreds of positive feedback from various organizations in Ukraine. The main advantage of our agency in the purchase of used cars from the organizations of the Dnieper – the most favorable conditions and the speed of the transaction! We are ready to buy fleets of any size in the Dnieper and the region, as well as Kiev. Quickly. Transparent and Expensive.

How it works?

1. You leave the application by phone 068-366-88-66 or through the feedback form on the site.

2. On the phone, we call a preliminary of prices for cars.

3. Our specialist comes to you and makes a technical inspection of the car and voiced the final cost.

4. We are fully engaged in the preparation of all necessary documents for renewal.

5. We pay with you immediately on the spot, at the time of completion of the transaction for cash.

Why is it profitable with us?

— You save your time and do not sell corporate bu cars. Our autoexpert makes free inspection and assessment of vehicles of the organization.

— We redeem any fleet: credit cars, leasing cars, fleet of expensive cars and used cars.

— We are profitable avtovykup. Fairly evaluate cars based on the technical and body condition. We pay, as a rule, 95% of the market value. With us you update your fleet easily and profitably.

— We fully accompany you at all stages of the transaction and undertake all the preparation of the necessary documents. If you are an organization, company or legal entity and want to update or sell a fleet of vehicles – we will help you to do this in the shortest possible time at the maximum price.

Urgent auto collection of corporate cars from legal entities, insurance companies, buying a car from enterprises and leasing companies with the departure of our expert to you is made within 1 hour (if 1 car is on sale) or 1 day (if it is a fleet of several cars).

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