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Buying a car in the Dnieper is not difficult, it is much more difficult to get a used car of good quality. Of course, in our city there are countless proposals that are advantageous at first glance, but how not to make a mistake and not get a “cat in a bag”? Especially when some self-serving car owners try to hide the real value of their car, significantly overstating it.

In order not to be trapped, we recommend that you turn to real professionals in your field, such as, for example, our company Autovykup.dp.ua. For more than 15 years, we have been providing our customers with such services as on-site vehicle diagnostics in Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk region, urgent purchase of cars, etc. You just need to make one call to the number specified in the “contacts” section, and we will come to you.


Exit diagnostics of the car before buying in the city of Dnepr – this is not a meaningless waste of its own funds, but an urgent need, because only this way you will be able to find out the most complete information about the car that you planned to buy. As can be understood from the name of the service, on-site computer diagnostics of the car is carried out by our specialists right on the spot of the planned transaction, which you can issue immediately after the necessary procedures, or refuse it.

The process of complex on-site computer diagnostics before buying a car includes many different stages, in particular:

General inspection.
Check the status of the coating.
Check mileage.
Examination of documentation.
Test Drive.
Check for legal clarity.

We offer our clients the most favorable prices for on-site computer diagnostics, the excellent quality of our work, attentiveness and high qualification of our specialists.

In particular, the price in the river for this service, ordered in our company, is 50 dollars. for inspecting one car. A full search for auto options, inspection and delivery of cars directly to you from $ 200.




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